What Are the Services That Are Offered by Premium Mission Treatment Centres / Rehabs?

Drug and substance abuse is a very serious phenomenon. The excessive use of drugs or any other addiction can cause some serious damage to a person. It not only damages the body but also the emotional and mental stability of a person. 

Addiction is a very serious issue that should be resolved at its earliest. This is why there are several institutions like rehabs introduced to help a person who is suffering from addiction. 

Rehab is a place where people suffering from alcohol or substance addiction are treated. This treatment is majorly an inpatient way. 

Rehabs or mission treatment center come in both premium and non-premium forms. Although they both serve a purpose, some people prefer premium institutions. 

Premium mission treatment centres/rehabs have more facilities and services offered. They tend to be quite luxurious for the patient, where the patient does not feel suffocated and can experience peace. 

These services include –

1. Psychotherapy – 

As a part of the treatment, psychotherapy is included among the list of services that are offered by any luxurious rehab or centre. Psychotherapy is an extremely important part of the withdrawal treatment where the patient is usually given a choice to either go for individual or group psychotherapy.

2. Counselling – 

Another necessary part of the treatment, as well as part of the service, is counselling. A thorough drug counselling is given to the patient, explaining everything about the phenomena. This session also includes drug testing of the patient. 

3. Medication Assisted Treatment – 

Another requirement is medication-assisted treatment. Whole medication treatment is provided to the patient to help them overcome the addiction and its withdrawal symptoms. 

4. Nutritional support – 

Another service provided is ample nutritional support. The body needs a lot of nutritious items at this point of recovery, so the institution needs to make sure to cater to its patients with ample and healthy food. 

5. Yoga – 

A service that many premium institutions or rehab centres offer is yoga. It is known to calm the mind and body; hence many provide this with their treatment. 

6. Animal-assisted therapy – 

Another service that only premium institutions offer is animal-assisted therapy. Animal therapy is widely known to calm and lower the stress levels of many people. It is also known to help patients with their withdrawal symptoms, which is why many premium institutions offer this. 

7. Massage therapy – 

Another service includes massage therapy. Massage therapy helps the patient in a lot of ways, releases stress, calms the mind, and loosens up the body. 

Therefore, the above mentioned are some of the most common services that are offered by premium mission treatment centres/ rehabs.