Foot and Ankle Pain and Stem Cell Therapy – How Does It Work?

Joint pain was something that everyone, who reached the age of 60 years often experienced. Nowadays, pain in the joints has been diagnosed in people belonging to all ages because of their daily activities, and also because of lack of physical exercise in their daily life. The group of people, who suffer more from the chances of joint pain are athletes, sportspersons, and everyone else, who has sustained an injury to their foot. 

Dr. Sima Soltani is an expert in stem cell therapy for knee pain Orange County service. The therapy includes extracting the stem cells from the patient’s body and injecting the cells into the site of injury. This expert podiatrist can promise best results, and you can get all the information by visiting their official website. 

Stem Cells 

Stem cells are the group of cells in the body that can be converted into any cells such as muscle cells, ligaments, tendons, muscle cells, cartilage and bones, and so on. Their versatility to get converted into any cells has made them the ideal way of regenerating the damaged cells in any body parts. 

Stem Cell Therapy 

The capacity of the stem cells to get converted into the host cells in the location where they are introduced has made these stem cells be utilized as regenerative medicines. These are the ideal choice for repairing and replacing damaged cells, muscles, and tissues in any location in the body. 

Some health conditions result in the damage of any organ in the body. Such organs were required to be replaced with the help of an organ donation. However, with the help of stem cell therapy, it has become possible for experts to develop stem cells in the laboratory and use these cells as the regenerative technique for restoring the damaged organs back to their formal health. 

For instance, if a person is suffering from a painful knee and it is hindering their daily activities, then their only choice is to complete bed rest from then on. With the help of stem cell for knee pain, it has become possible for podiatrists to restore the damaged knee to their previous self. 

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Why Stem Cell Therapy? 

Here are some benefits of choosing stem cell therapy for restoring many issues in the body. 

  • Faster healing and recovery 

The stem cells will be extracted from the blood sample of the patients and are converted into the required healing cells before they are injected into any particular body part. Since they are from the host cells, they do not need extra time to start their work. 

  • Non-surgical procedure 

Stem cell therapy and knee pain go hand in hand because it is a noninvasive technique and there is no need to go under the knife to get a better knee. The stem cells will be injected directly into the site of damaged tissues or organs and are allowed to do their work accordingly. 

The initial stages of cancerous development in the body can be cured with the help of stem cell therapy. The popularity of this technique has put them under study to recognize more of their benefits.