Overview of the Paleo Diet

I have been hearing a great deal concerning the Paleo Diet (also referred to as the Paleolithic Diet, or Caveman Diet) recently, so I decided to look at it and find out the content. Here’s my review about this new diet fad that’s sweeping the country.

The concept behind the Paleo Weight loss program is that ancient people ate natural foods, and were leaner and healthier than we’re today, with this numerous modern illnesses for example weight problems, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. The type of diet they ate was full of raw plants, fruits, vegetables, and meat. They, obviously, didn’t eat all of the suedo-foods we discover within the supermarkets today, filled with refined starches, chemicals, and preservatives.

Many people reason that ancient everyone was not healthier than we’re today, and so some cultures ate more “refined foods” coupled with more health issues to exhibit for this, or simply did not possess the foods open to make healthy choices, but many traditional cultures around the globe had an old knowledge regarding their food and lifestyle choices. The Weston A. Cost Foundation has a lot of research that supports the thought of the healthiness of ancient and traditional diets in comparison to the modern diet.

The Paleo Diet argues that farming and also the foods it creates, in addition to food processing, the cornerstones from the modern diet, would be the opponents of health. The Paleo Diet believes in eliminating milk, grains, beans and taters, in addition to modern junk foods.

I disagree with a few of the and believe rather that modern farming practices, for example striping the soil of natural nutrients and adding chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers, as well as franken-foods and gmo’s would be the true opponents of health today. Traditional farming, as used by most cultures for hundreds of years (and organic and bio-dynamic farming today) produces very well balanced meals to consume.

Obviously, To be sure that modern food processing, which kills live food and strips away any nutrients which are left, after which adds much more chemicals for example preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and artificial vitamins, truly does produce food that’s unhealthy and really should be prevented.

I additionally disagree using the Paleo Diet about staying away from milk and dairy food. Certainly the over processed, homogenized, pasteurized dead milk you discover within the supermarket is unhealthy, and really should be prevented. But raw milk and raw dairy food from trustworthy organic grass-given dairy farms are excellent inclusions in any diet.