MS word

MS word also known as Microsoft word is widely known as a word processor. It is majorly used for editing and creation of documents.



This is a certain rhythm that specifies the manner input arrangement of characters should be highlighted to an output in correlation to a specific process. Commonly used actions such as keystrokes or mouse movements can be applied via automation.

Image insertion

This feature allows users to import and display images in common formats such as GIF and JPEG. Essays are made more interesting with this feature as the pictures can suitably serve as a means for illustration.

Word art

This is a very fun feature as it allows the manipulation of the text contained in a document to produce colorful and stylish texts. In other words, the feature permits the user creation of artful content in a word document. Tests created using this feature can be used as titles or watermarks. Texts can be designed in various ways. They can be stretched, shadowed, rotated, skewed or even edited with 3D effects. Paragraph styles can be designed using this feature as well.


This particular feature is associated with just specific versions of MS word. It functions as a summarizer that generates an abstract which serves as a summary of the document. This summary is generated via automatic intelligence. Certain paragraphs are examined and scanned for value, it then pinpoints selected paragraphs.

The fun part of this feature is its ability to function via absolute automation.

Bullets and Numbering

This format allows for number lists and bullet lists. These lists have an automatic function and are able to outline texts immediately they are initiated. Adjustments can be made to alter certain lists to fit the user’s taste. Bullet lists are set distinct with different markers designed for the creation of numerous lists. Paragraphs can be converted to lists by initiating this feature.

Spelling and grammar Check

This is also an automated feature if the MS word. When typing a document, misspelled words are underlined to alert the user of a mistake. There are times when misspelled words are automatically corrected once the space bar is clicked to move to the next word. However, this majorly happens with commonly used words. Grammar mistakes are also corrected in the same fashion. Minor errors are underlined with green lines while other errors with red lines. When the user right clicks on an underlined section, suggestions pop up. These suggestions are most times the right spelling or grammar use.

Uses of MS word

MS word is majorly used for the creation and editing of documents. It is commonly used by writers, secretaries and other professions that require a typed document.

One of the important uses of the format is the editing of PDF files. The PDF files are converted to word documents via convert pdf to word.

Then the files are edited and converted back to PDF files. Numerous sites offer this service of PDF conversion.